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Brooklyn heavy rockers, Spotlights, are gearing up for the release of their excellent new album, Love & Decay, which comes out April 26th, 2019 via Ipecac Recordings. Creative force, the band's own, Mario Quintero, answers our few questions about the coming LP, and more.

How different is the upcoming record compared to Seismic and Tidals?

I feel like this record is the most focused release yet. The stories, music and art all feel like they fit together as one. Even though both previous records had a good flow this feels the most cohesive. But the best ones to answer this question will be the fans, once they hear it.

Has anything changed drastically in regard to the creative process since the band's early days?

Not really! Especially for the writing process. We have a system that works and we haven’t had a need to shift much. However, now that we have Chris in the band full time, our live show has definitely changed. We can really explore the songs more intricately and stray from the original recorded versions. 

From the couple of covers you've done so far, it seems like Spotlights have a really good ear for re-interpreting other people's music. Are there more covers on the horizon? Is that something you'd like to do more?

We love covering songs.  It’s a nice relief to not have to write the song and just be able to take what’s there and go to another place with it.  I’m sure there will be more covers to come.

Is the fusion of a few different styles and genres something you deliberately attempt to achieve or does it happen organically?

It’s definitely not deliberate, since we don’t really see ourselves as blending genres. 
I think it’s more of a want to hear contrast and dynamics in music. We try to blend tonal differences and feed off of musical elements that we like to hear. Not necessarily say, this is the metal part and this is the post-rock part etc... Heavy music can be heavier without someone yelling at you through the entire song. Not that we don’t like screaming in music, but so many bands get stuck in one way of doing things, and after a song or two, things become kind of flat.  In the same way that a “shoegaze” band gets really boring when they deliver every song in the same way.

What do you aim for first: heaviness or melody?

Both! But usually I aim for rhythm and feel first.

How would you describe Spotlights' sound yourselves?

We’re a heavy rock band.

Does the upcoming album's title, Love & Decay, also describe its themes and concept? What's the new album about?

It does. The album is a collection of existential, love stories. Weaving through different aspects of life, love, loss and death. From our beginning to our inevitable suicide.

What differences should audiences expect from your live shows compared to the studio recordings?

Lots of shredding drum solos! Haha. Well, yes, extra shredding and extending of sections, etc... We want fans to still hear the songs as they know them, but feel the energy at it’s highest possible. It’ll be louder than anyone could listen to the recording too.

What are you currently listening to mostly?

I mix records for part of my income so I don’t get much time to listen to other music. Also, I’m one of those people that get’s stuck in what I like... So most of it is the same as the last 25/30 years, haha.  But, I do love the new Failure record, as well as the latest Yob record.  I’ve been falling back into a pretty heavy Cure phase too. That’s been a constant for me since I was a kid. I was also just heard Thou live for the first time, and I think I’ll probably check out some of their records.

After the release of Love & Decay, what's next for Spotlights?

We will definitely be hitting the road soon. We’d like to tour as much as possible.
We will also be working on an EP that will be out as part of a subscription series called Post Wax, being released by Blues Funeral Records. I believe that will be out at the end of the year to those who subscribed.

Available to listen now are a couple of new cuts off the new album, Age Of Decay and Particle Noise.

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