D//E Premiere: Walking Bicycles: Dumbshit Never Learns

The resolute post punk tenacity of Walking Bicycles returns this Spring after a five year absence, with their new, fifth album, Chooch, coming out April 26th, 2019 through the band's own, Highwheel Records.

The third single preceding the album's release, Dumbshit Never Learns, follows the previously surfaced, Fat Cat and ESP. It's the bluesiest, the most rigid and vigorous of the three, and it streams for the first time ever in this post.

"Dumbshit Never Learns is about the struggle for power and the spontaneous, rash decisions helpless people often make," say the band about the new single's nonconformist spirit.

Carried by the firm lead vocal execution of vocalist, Jocelyn Summers, a driving guitar riff, roaring bass and steadfast drumming, the song is a traditional blues rocker with a dark post punk twist, and an existentialist character. Like a combination of Siouxsie, Faith No More and Shellac, the song hints at the radicalism of the genre's past, and excites from start to end.

Chooch was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio over the course of the past few years, and presents Walking Bicycles' sound at its loudest ever.

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