Chalk Hands: Split EP w/ Reveries & Okänt

Nearly two years after their splendid debut EP, Brighton's Chalk Hands return with a new track included in a three-way split release alongside fellow genre fusing hardcore acts, Reveries from Boston, MA, and Okänt from Stockholm, Sweden.

Standing right in the middle, a stellar piece, Chalk Hands' Charm hovers between post rock elegance and metallic fervor, going back and forth a couple of times between the two, at times erupting like a mad fire, and often keeping the listener in its grasp through driving instrumental segments and its overall labyrinthine melodiousness. It's a wild adventure of different sounds and emotions, all well woven under a concise four and a half-minute duration.

Reveries' track, Casting Shade, comes before with a crisper, more post hardcore-inclined vibe, setting the mood and kicking off the record to a mighty imposing start, while Okänt's Begravningsvisa / Näktergal, a lengthier, two -part piece, captivates and brings the awaited catharsis into play, first through its sinister vocal section, and lastly with its expansive post metal vehemence.

Three different tracks from three different bands, from three different parts of the world, all matching and complimenting one another, comprise an exquisite release, in every way fascinating and engaging.

The EP is being released April 26th, 2019 digitally, on vinyl and tape on all of the following labels:  Dingleberry Records (GER), Time As A Color (GER), Future Void Records (UK), Callous Records (UK), Missed Out Records (US), Dischi Decenti (IT) and Smart And Confused (FR).


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Okänt Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram

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