Cave In: All Illusion

One year ago bassist Caleb Scofield, creative force behind Zozobra, Old Man Gloom and Cave In was killed in an auto accident. Prior to this tragic loss, Cave In members got together to work on new music, almost seven years since their previous album, White Silence.

Caleb is present on every song on the upcoming Cave In album, Final Transmission, which opens with his voice memo with an idea for a song, and features him playing bass on six songs and guitar on two.

Steve Brodsky describes the newly unveiled track, All Illusion, as one of the most Caleb-driven songs on the new album. Although Brodsky had originally written lyrics for it, guitarist Adam McGrath explains how Caleb's wife, Jen, found some writings in one of Caleb's journals. "She was going to tear them out and give them to me, but I just took a picture because I wanted her to keep it. We used the lyrics for All Illusion, which is a song that really haunts me. I feel like it’s a weird message from Caleb sometimes."

Final Transmission was finished by the band, mixed by Andrew Schneider and mastered by James Plotkin. Half of its proceeds will be given to Caleb’s wife and children. "Over the years, the songwriting in Cave In has become more and more of a communal effort," drummer J.R. Conners says. "In my mind, it hit the pinnacle with this record that’s about to come out. It was so easy to throw around ideas between all four of us that we kinda got everything in there that we wanted to get in there. I don’t think we were aware of it at the time, but maybe subconsciously we wanted to put the best of what we’ve done in the past into this record."


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