Macintushie: Flamingo

Both young talents in their mid-twenties, Pedro Baapz and Isabel Oliveira know each other from their contribution to dreampop/shoegaze band, Alles Club. Alongside Ruan Lustosa they comprise Macintushie, an original act with its own charming sound, heavily inclined towards shoegaze, dreampop and chillwave; completely lo-fi, and totally enchanting.

The trio home recorded their first, six song EP, Stillwitchu, which was later mixed and mastered by Braulio Almeida from Devilish Dear. A superlative debut EP, Stillwitchu is mostly ruled by an atmospheric, mellow and hazy dreampop sound with lyrics mixing English and Portuguese, warmly delivered, and a first-rate example of DIY creativity.

"For me, art nowadays needs to be in constant interaction: film and streaming, advertising and memes," says Pedro. "And music isn’t different. It has to go against any aesthetic prejudice. You are not obliged to like everything you listen to, you just need to dissociate yourself from any conservative aesthetics. Conservatism in art is not what we need in such a dark period as the one we are living."


Midsummer Madness Records

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