TR/ST: Grouch

The first part of the much anticipated upcoming album by Robert Alfons' TR/ST comes out on April 19th, 2019, and another single revealed off it attests that the long while that has passed between it and 2014's Joyland was worth the wait.

"The giant agaves outside my home only bloom every 20 or 30 years. Being around that was a powerful lesson in slowness. And in tenacity," the artist says, in a picturesque analogy about the much important change of pace during the creation of The Destroyer.

Grouch is another fine example of masterful production, stylish technique, memorable songwriting and filtered through Alfons' terrific, characterful execution, it all results to a unique and distinctive synthpop sound.

"When I was a child, making music was a necessity for me in order to feel sane," Alfons says. "It was a way to understand and overcome blockages I couldn’t necessarily define. And in a way this album was a return to that, to letting the music guide my growth, rather than vice versa."

Following Part 1's release in April, Part 2 of The Destroyer will come out November, so there' a lot of TR/ST to expect in 2019.


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