BIG|BRAVE: Sibling

A nuanced seven-minute dark epic, Sibling, is the first single and video released off the coming album, A Gaze Among Them, by BIG|BRAVE, a stupendous act which continues pushing the boundaries of experimental heavy rock.

Characterized by a distressing, dark shade, an industrial approach, its eerie minimalistic quietness and enticing monotony, Sibling expresses the band's aim to go back to their early intentions, while it demonstrates their clear progress and firm ingenuity.

The moody and brooding video which accompanies the new song was created by the band's own, Mathieu Ball and Robin Wattie.

A Gaze Among Them releases May 10th 2019, via Southern Lord Recordings, and it was recorded with Seth Manchester at Machine with Magnets in Pawtucket Rhode Island.

Photo by Rachel Cheng

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