Kinolectro: Rip Bravo

Composed of Dakota Blue and Jenny Nirgends, Kinolectro is a rising, Hollywood-based dark synthpop duo whose minimal, deconstructed new wave sound is aptly represented through their latest single, Rip Bravo, and its remarkable accompanying video.

Depicting a couple of detectives looking for clues all over a colorfully lit LA setting, the video, shot and edited by Priscilla Mars, with art direction by Jenny Nirgends, is a triumph of stunning cinematography which adds to the concise tune's already charming intrigue.

An obscure, modern noir tale without a clear beginning nor an end, Rip Bravo feels mostly like a distant memory or a tough to recall dream, and although not all that conventionally structured, it can be a bewitching and compelling piece to watch, listen and take in.

The song is the first single off the duo's upcoming EP, Classic Kino Style.


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