Stuart A. Staples: The Garden

The films of Claire Denis, and the music of Tindersticks go hand in hand. The French director's upcoming sci-fi film, High Life, starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche, marks the seventh time the two parts collaborate, and the result sounds as engaging as per usual.

The calmly ominous, The Garden, is the score's suspenseful opener, written by the ever prolific Stuart A. Staples who states about his work on the film: "I approached High Life with the simple idea of creating a sort of random music, existing in a void –like the constellations themselves –a framework that was always hidden from the musician and that they had only minimal or no information to play or react to as we recorded."

"I felt the score should be intimate and hypnotic," Staples adds. "Music made of hands and breath-acoustic instruments, electric guitars, fingertips."

The film score for High Life releases on April 5th, 2019 via Milan Records (North America) and City Slang Records (Europe), and the film will be out  in New York and Los Angeles on the same date by A24.

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