Bodi Bill: Kiss Operator

Quite a long while after their last album, What? which was released in 2011, German electronic art pop act, Bodi Bill, return with new music. Kiss Operator is their first track after all these years, a piece that exhibits how the forward thinking trio hasn't lost touch with their eclectic mixture of exploratory electronica, folk and indie pop.

During Bodi Bill's absence, its members remained active and very creative through other projects. Fabian Fenk and Anton Feist operated as the experimental techno duo, The/Das, while Alex Stolze released music under his own name and through his electropop/soul band, Unmap.

Kiss Operator is an immaculate specimen of minimal electronica, delivered with great sentimentality and screened through the trio's sophistication and pretty good ear for astute production. It's a paradigm of skillful and able collaboration between confident musicians whose chemistry is rather evident.

"I think helping each other to shape one's life creatively is an important motivation for making music," says Fabian Fenk. "In the best case, the music should bear witness to this. Not to stroke egos, but simply to get to know like-minded people. And to make cool shit together."

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