Shutups: Yellowjacket

After a medical emergency reunited old college buddies, Hadley and Mia, indie punk two-piece, Shutups, were formed, and following a series of four EPs, they are currently gearing up toward the release of the debut LP, Every Day I'm Less Zen, introduced with lead single, Yellowjacket.

"It didn’t feel like a happy ending movie plot," Hadley comments about how he got through his medical issues considering his accident. "I came out depressed and not wanting to do anything. The band saved me."

The emotional complexity of Yellowjacket, and its good use of influences from post punk, noise rock, shoegaze and pop music comprise a characterful and firm representation of the duo's effective and vigorous artistry. The song, as well as the entire upcoming album was produced by Cody Votolato, the guitarist from the post hardcore band,The Blood Brothers.

"I'm completely untrained musically, which I think is limiting sometimes, but I'm also kind of this impressionable canvas which offers limitless opportunity," Mia comments. "Quite the paradox. I also hit things really fucking hard which is the only way to move through trauma and mental shit I cannot express."

"It’s about a few things," Hadley admits of the song's intent. "I address putting art above a social life and seeing the effects of that. In it, I also talk literally about regretting haircuts, as well as being sick for an entire summer. It's lyrically not a very cohesive song, but themes of discontent reign supreme."

The song is accompanied with a wonderfully eerie video, conceived by the band, and shot and edited by Braith Miller.

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