Neoslave: Autoviolator

Darksynth master, Neoslave, has been a very prolific creator for the past couple of decades, releasing music under different monikers and miscellaneous projects, earning accolades for his live act, and sharing stages with Perturbator, The Algorithm and Gost.

Following the very well received debut EP, Blood Arcade, and his great sophomore album, From Womb to Doom, last October Neoslave released a killer standalone single on Lazerdiscs Records, Messiah, which demonstrated a welcome power metal twist to his confident synthwave sound, and featured the contribution of vocalist Vin Weazzel from the Austrian heavy metal band, Diamond Falcon.

Deprived of dull moments, Autoviolator is Neoslave's newest LP, founded on a classic outrun theme, embellished with modernistic satanic imagery created by the artist himself, and making a strong impression through its piercingly sharp production.

Autoviolator is the most forceful and gripping collection of tracks the artist has come up with so far, combining his great ear for memorable melody with unmitigated darkness, nodding to classic horror film scores, in an altogether well rounded darskynth record. Standing out as one of the finest from the genre's heavier facet, Autoviolator is weirdly atmospheric as often as it is wildly energetic, and flows unhurriedly from end to end.

The horror-infused video for Greedy Little Eyes follows a very different path from last year's award winning, DigiSexDreams, still, it's another well-corresponding visual to Neoslave's uncannily alluring sound.

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