D//E Playlist: Stream And Destroy Vol. 13

On Volume 13 of Stream And Destroy we collect together those excellent numbers March 2019 had to offer, the ones we did not extensively cover, but still feel much amiable about.

Britpop royalty, Sleeper, are back after 22 years with a new album very much worth checking out, on which they sound ardent and witty as they did in the mid-nineties.

Rising New York punks, Grim Streaker have a very nervy and potent debut scheduled for release in a couple of months as the band continues building their already eminent reputation, while Memphis punks, Nots, are gearing up for the release of their third LP, 3, which is also their first as a trio, and the brilliant Half Painted House couldn't be a more exciting introduction. Pittsburgh punks, The Gotobeds, have an album overfull with fancy guest appearances on their hands, and Calquer The Hound offers a first glimpse on it.

Multifaceted indie rockers, Shapeless Void from Italy, present wonderful fusion of neo psychedelia and shoegaze, as the title of the first single, Kaleidoscope, from the upcoming debut, is also an apt word to describe their sound. In a similar way, Texan newcomers, Flowerbed, indulge in an enchanting, atmospheric shoegaze sound, as their first ever single brings to mind the finest from the genre's celebrated early days. British shoegazers, Oshens, show a summery approach toward surf rock on the uncomplicated, yet, brilliant, Glue.

Long anticipated since the unveiling of previous single, Red Moon, last year, a new EP by San Francisco's Iphigenia Rose Lee aka Foie Gras is finally being released next month, and off it Sisyphus is an amazing, eccentric fusion of dance pop and obscure noise rock.

Enigmatic goth-tinged Americana rocker, Orville Peck from Toronto, expands the intrigue beyond the good looking costumes and graceful visuals, as the artist has just come forth with most likely the weirdest country album of the year, with strong songwriting being his work's most powerful quality.

Five years after their debut, Rips, Washington band Ex Hex emerge swaggering and confident with the very ambitious It's Real, an album full of power rock force that feels over the top and classy at the same time.

New Idea Society, a side project of Mike Law (Eulcid, Wild Arrows) and Stephen Brodsky (Mutoid Man, Cave In), released their first piece of new material in over eight years, and hardcore greats, Defeater, will unveil their self-titled album, their first in four years, produced by the very creative Will Yip. The grabbing lead single, Mothers' Sons, suggests a solid return for the Boston band.

01. Sleeper - Paradise Waiting
02. Grim Streaker - Today New York
03. Nots - Half-Painted House
04. The Gotobeds - Calquer the Hound
05. Shapeless Void - The Inner Journey
06. Flowerbed - Hyacinth
07. Oshens - Glue
08. Foie Gras - Sisyphus
09. Orville Peck - Dead of Night
10. Ex Hex - Rainbow Shiner
11. New Idea Society - Now Is Here
12. Defeater - Mothers' Sons

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