Lust For Youth: Great Concerns

The upcoming album by Danish synthpop duo, Lust For Youth will be self-titled and it will be out June 7th, 2019 via Sacred Bones Records. First single, Great Concerns, shows a more upbeat, dance pop approach, while it remains true to the band's wistful and lush sound which we have enjoyed through their previous releases.

Whether full on noisy, unconventional and experimental or more accessible and easier to fathom and digest, Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer have never disappointed thus far. Three years after the very well shaped, Compassion, Lust For Youth dare take an even brighter path that validates that they can be effective and engaging through any shade and complexion their synthpop sound has on each record.

In this case, buoyancy and this luxuriant, Eurobeat-inclined approach seems to be serving them really well.


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