Heavy Heart: Dowsabel

Following Bed Bug, the first of a trilogy of tracks UK band, Heavy Heart, recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer Gabe Wax (The War On Drugs, Fleet Foxes, Soccer Mommy), a bittersweet love song, Dowsabel, becomes the band's second single for 2019.

"Heavy Heart as a concept, as a pair of words, was something I had thought about and identified with for a long time, even before the band," says vocalist and songwriter, Anna Vincent, about her band's intent. "It seemed to fit with my mood, and certainly my lyrical themes, but also the two sides of how I wanted the music to sound. We’re interested in dynamics; in something introspective and intimate followed immediately by something searing and powerful; a blossoming, beautiful rage. Although there’s melody and heart permeating everything we do, there’s also an energy, a heaviness. Sometimes the only remedy for melancholy is to drown it out with noise."

Dowsabel, titled after an old English word for sweetheart, expresses much that from that delightful duality that characterizes Heavy Heart's music, coming through all melodious and approachable, still, fragile, in blue funk and heavy-hearted. The song's unwavering build up exhibits an excellent kind of instrumentation, arrangement and production, and ultimately supplements the quality of its innate melancholy.

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