Wy: Tired II

Softie seems like an apt title based on the ingrained fragility and sentimentality Swedish dreampop two-piece, Wy, expose with their well rounded songwriting. Their sophomore full length is consistently forming to be a quite strong return for the band, as Tired II, another deeply intimate and softhearted piece surfaces, following the previously revealed, Pavements and the coming album's title track.

"'Softie is an attempt at proving there is more than one way of being a functioning human being," comments singer, Ebba. "The album is about coping, growing out of your fears, learning how to distance yourself from your anxieties and the ups and downs that comes with being bipolar. Softie is ultimately about releasing the pressure from yourself and that's what we have been doing in the process of writing these songs. We ended up with a record that was turbulent, back and forth and non-conforming. And we love that, because it feels very 'us' and we really wanted our second album to hit you in the face rather than rock you to sleep."

The organic video which comes with the song was directed by the Ebba, featuring both herself and fellow member and partner in life, Michel.

"We filmed it during the fall and winter of last year, which was a really tough time for both of us," Ebba says of the video. "I had a job that was killing me, we broke up with our current record label, we fought with our friends, we were forced to leave our apartment and cancel our tour. It was just a lot at the same time. We came up with the idea because we wanted to balance out the drama of the song with something simple and personal, and because of the circumstances the video became really important to us. I get very emotional when I watch it because this is the first time one of our videos is showing Michel how I see him, and how he sees me."

The anticipated, Softie, is set for release on April 30th, 2019 via Hybris/Beatnik.

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