Rose Hotel: 10 K

Showing evident progress from the lo-fi bedroom recordings of her project's early days, Atlanta-based musician, Jordan Reynolds, elevates Rose Hotel into a full band composed of experienced artists, members of Material Girls, Neighbor Lady, Shepherds, Karaoke, and Palm Sunday, all emerging from Atlanta's vital indie scene.

Rose Hotel's forthcoming debut LP, I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes, comes out May 31st, 2019, introduced by its hazy shoegaze album opener, 10 K, a rich sounding, brilliant piece which connects the music's wistful, yet, moderately hopeful vibe with brooding lyrical content, and a heartwarming delivery.

"I think I use songs to ask questions," Reynolds explains about the coming album's purpose. "Was it right? Would you believe me? Won’t you write home? Do you think you could do better? Did you only hold me to pass the time? Much of the record is me asking lots of questions, attempting to find the answers, and fully-well knowing that they may never come plainly. Perhaps, in some way, the title to this album is some semblance of an answer to all the questions therein."

10 K arrives alongside a very tasteful DIY video directed by Jordan Reynolds herself, and filmed and edited by Jayme Powell.

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