Kid Koala: Hera's Song f/ Trixie Whitley

Music To Draw To: Io will be the next chapter in the admirable career of visionary DJ and producer, Kid Koala aka Eric San, and it's coming out January 25th, 2019 via Arts & Crafts. The album features the contribution of singer, Trixie Whitley, whose moody vocals arise like a seamless match to Kid Koala'a dark electronica.

"This is my favorite track on the album," Kid Koala proclaims about the just unveiled, Hera's Song. "Trixie really channeled something here. She sounds like she's sharpening her knives the whole performance. I was so stunned by her vocal take that I had to go back and rebuild the music altogether. This is probably the most sinister track I've ever recorded."

The song draws its intriguing theme from the Greek mythology, according to which Hera, the spiteful goddess wife of god Zeus, driven by mad jealousy takes aim at her husband’s love interest, Io.

"Hera is a malevolent and vengeful character," Trixie Whitley comments about the strong character her vocals portray. "I had a lot of fun imagining what her spirit could sound like when performing this tune."

The upcoming album follows the same concept of 2017’s acclaimed, Music To Draw To: Satellite, which featured vocalist Emilíana Torríni.

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