Be Forest: Gemini

Following last month's Bengala, Italian band, Be Forest, responsible for some of the first class post punk-tinged, underground shoegaze of the last few years, have released another single off their coming album, Knocturne, due out February 8th, 2019 via We Were Never Being Boring Collective.

A concise epic, Gemini, is a raw and direct dark atmospheric rocker, instrumentally faultless, delivered with class, charming pensiveness and elegance, and overall enticing from the first second.

In the band's own desription: "Gemini encapsulates a palpable duality; while the guitars warmly surf triplets' sound waves, the drums, adamant and controlled, interpose a seemingly 'techno-music' intention. The vocals are enticing while invoking a night that extends into the day. It's a song that wants to wear a dichotomy but never becomes rivalry and rather coexists in its double nature. It's a bivalence that transforms into couple."

After two singles released, it's becoming more evident that Knocturne is going to be a standout LP for the new year's first months, and that the long wait was worth the while.

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