DEAFKIDS: Mente Bicameral

Metaprogramação will be the third full length release from Brazilian purveyors of mind-bending, weighty and experimental noise rock, DEAFKIDS, the first specimen off which, Mente Bicameral, shows a fresh direction for the band, one that is oriented toward a more electronic and even noisier approach, and sounds more exciting and groundbreaking than ever.

Confident and bold, the band sounds once again fervent and about to deliver a work of art that embodies a poignant and unique psychedelic experience which stimulates and provokes the listener's mind.

The band has a long and interesting statement about their forthcoming LP: "Deceived by perceiving our so-called individuality as a form of freedom, we are programmed to live and continue living as a fragmented and binary model of nature. Experimental numbers in a worldwide political power-game where human lives and its complexities, connections, necessities and environments are lowered in terms manipulated by algorithms, mind control and brutal force upon our conditions, our rights and our true will. Shaping, overwhelming and fragmenting our tunnels of perception to the point where the excess of information becomes diffused and the whole contained within each being is more and more dispersed, confused and disconnected. Reflecting an insane image of ones identification with an artificial reality - where in some bizarre way, all these schizophrenic, corrupted and truculent theatres of domination and submission that appears all over human relations seems to make some sense - and of non-identification with what would be our inner reality. The telepathic level behind the veils where boundaries and divisions between us and the plane of consciousness, between you and the other don't really exist. A level of reality where we might have the power to start learning how to reprogram ourselves by our own tools, being able to visit our internal hall of mirrors beyond space and time and deal with the negative roots of our condensed emotions and traumas through a new perspective of relation and control with our thoughts, paths and everything we're connected with. We must unite as one and resist against the violent symbols of oppression, including what's imprinted on our own self, that which must be sacrificed daily.

"Metaprogramação offers a vertiginous, sensory insight on these inner conflicts and aspects of the animal being.

"Do not allow yourself to be programmed."

Metaprogramação comes out March 2019 via the legendary Neurot Recordings.


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