D//E Premiere: Twin Dive: Animal // Live at Tapetown

With their two core members hailing from Lithuania and Iceland, but their act based in Denmark, Twin Dive present a dynamic amalgamation of grunge, garage and psych indie rock, refining some classic tropes, and sounding both familiar and fresh.

Twin Dive is comprised of Robert Jancevich and Ragnar 'Raggi' Gudmunds, and performs as a trio with a couple of bassists currently in rotation. The upcoming act is working on a series of recordings, promised to come out some time next year.

Animal, the band's debut offering hovers between a warm, traditional blues sound, noise rock spunk and stoner rock lethargy, and it is presented for the first time through their spirited live take captured at Aarhus' esteemed Tapetown Studios. The band reveal that although this is a piece inspired by a sexually predominant experience, in its essence it’s about knowing and taming the inner animal.

Still taking their first steady and promising steps, yet, evidently capable of eminence, Twin Dive have a whole lot yet to offer. Their magnificent live execution of their ravening debut track streams for the first time ever right below.

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