D//E Premiere: Boink: Something Colorful for Sure

Something Colorful For Sure is the debut album by Portland-based indie rockers, BOINK, an ardent art punk band which emerges with a pretty tough to pinpoint, resolute set of songs; an LP that dares to deftly toy with diverse sounds, varying from post punk to psychedelia to Colombia's traditional cumbia.

Unconventionally instrumented, aptly produced and showcasing the band's drive and artful punk character from start to finish, the album's energy is incessant and downright enthralling. Cultivated and simultaneously frantic, the closest comparison to the poise of Something Colorful For Sure would be the avant garde explosiveness of the esteemed no wave movement of the late seventies.

"Something Colorful for Sure is our debut album and it was recorded in the summer of 2017, under clouds of raining ash from the Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon," shares with us the band's own, Noelle Magia. "The writing process was extremely collaborative and based on the initial marimba and drums parts, then expanded upon from there. The result is 7 tracks exploring the combination of cumbia, psych and punk."

Stream the album for the first time ever in its grandiose entirety right below.

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