T. G. Shand: Girls

Fans of the incredible New Zealand shoegazers, Miniatures, fear no more and take delight in the new endeavors of Annemarie Duff whose newest project, T. G. Shand has just come up with a first, very exciting single.

T. G. Shand is so far only a single song project, yet, we are promised more to come in the future, and judging from what we already got, it is definitely worth the wait.

Not far from the hazy, atmospheric sound that Miniatures used to thrive on, Girls is the first firm step of a fresh gaze-y act that sounds new and spirited, as much as it appears competent and experienced.

With an impeccable production and a vocal delivery that brings to mind shoegaze's exemplar, celebrated vanguard, Girls meets all expectations risen connected with the artist's notable previous act, and her evinced songwriting abilities.

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