Diana Radar: Growing

Single after single, Melbourne post punks Diana Radar are already on their third outing for 2018, each time showing great knack for eighties-like, psychedelic-infused, guitar-driven, jangly punk sound, as well as for stunning and very tasteful accompanying visuals.

Their new single and video for their fresh song, Growing, are as rousing and imposing as the previously revealed, Sex Sells and Mustard, and attest for the third time in a row how Diana Radar have come up as one of the most groundbreaking acts the genre has seen this year.

Only three singles in, the Australian post punk up and comers have been very consistent, and also ardent through their notable, genre fusing approach in songwriting, and the easygoing style of execution and performance.

You'll get a chance to catch them live at Under The Glass Festival which they’re co-hosting with The Grace Darling on September 29th, 2018. The line up also includes Baked Beans, Crepes, Bitch Diesel, Candy and eight more bands over two stages.

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