Sextile: Disco

After some lineup changes that resulted in the band settling as a dynamic two-piece comprised of Brady Keehn and Melissa Scaduto, LA's Sextile seem to be showing more preference on synths over guitars on their forthcoming EP, aptly and plainly titled 3.

Directed by Melissa Scaduto, the new video for the EP opener, Disco, is a great match to the song's direct and distinct new wave nature.

"We definitely feel this song is a new direction for us. It’s tough, it’s dancy," the band say. "The lyrics focus on lack of time, DIY spaces getting shut down, gun control, and media propaganda. Visually and aesthetically, the video was influenced by the NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle/New German Wave) genre."

Neue Deutsche Welle in its rich history has brought up such outstanding acts like DAF, X-Mal Deutschland and Die Krupps; and this more electronic-inclined facet of Sextile's music sounds in ideal correspondence with the celebrated movement's verve and animation.

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