A Place Both Wonderful And Strange: Kristae (The Strawberry Girl)

Keeping things always interesting, as thus far they have managed to continuously evolve, eloquently mix up their sound and stylistic approach and never sound the same, Brooklyn's A Place Both Wonderful And Strange know their stuff, and continue to bring on the darkness.

Their new EP, picturesquely titled The City Smells Like Cat Spit, features some re-recorded versions of tracks from last year's wonderful What I Speak I Create, and it's introduced by new piece, Kristae (The Strawberry Girl), a killer which showcases a clearer and more straightforward post punk sound, finding the band at the heaviest they have every been.

The charm does not stop with just the song, as Kristae (The Strawberry Girl) comes with a dark, mind-altering music video, directed by That Russian Guy, offering some insight into the band's riveting live presence.

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