Street Sects: In For A World of Hurt

Beyond doubt Texan industrial noise purveyors, Street Sects, keep getting better and more direct with each new endeavor of theirs. After the mind blowing harshness of 2016's End Position, and the more tuneful fusion of post punk and darkwave of last year's brilliant four-song EP, Rat Jacket, the duo is gearing up for their new album.

The Kicking Mule will be released October 26th, 2018 via the good people of the San Francisco-based label The Flenser, and it is introduced by the just unveiled, In For a World of Hurt, a splendid piece that stands close to the more accessible sound of Rat Jacket.

The new album's title is drawn from the lyrics of Elton John’s Ticking from 1974's Caribou, while concerning more of the inspiration behind it the band cites influence from timeless acts, such as Roxy Music, Brian Eno and Bowie's Berlin era. The cover art is provided by the always impressive Francesco Francavilla.

Mental illness, addiction, alienation and more themes of introversion are being tackled in the upcoming album's ten tracks, and we can't be more wound up about it.

This is hair raising... Crank it up and let the neighbors know.

Photo by Mike Manewitz


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