Death Valley Girls: Disaster (Is What We're After)

Even if he just shows up to sit there and eat a burger, Iggy Pop has the might needed to give a promising young band a good boost.

LA punk rockers, Death Valley Girls, will be releasing their third album, Darkness Rains, on October 5th, 2018 via Suicide Squeeze Records, introduced by lead single and video, Disaster (Is What We’re After), a rock 'n' roll/glam/proto punk bomb, evocative of The Runaways, T.Rex, the Stones and Roxy Music, and delivered through the band's inherent and impulsive vitality.

Directed by Kansas Bowling, the clip is an obvious tribute to the infamous scene from Jørgen Leth’s 1982 film, 66 Scenes of America, in which Andy Warhol eats a hamburger.


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