False Heads: Yellow

After a series of striking singles which made a lot of heads turn their way, and with their popularity constantly on the rise, London-based punk rocking trio, False Heads are preparing for the release of their new EP, Less Is Better, scheduled to come out on September 24th, 2018 via These Bloody Thieves Records and Cargo Records.

The EP is introduced by Yellow, a ferocious single and great looking video which demonstrates False Heads' radical and unequivocally energetic spirit at its mighty finest.

The band's lead singer and guitarist, Luke Griffiths, shares about their newly unveiled and very impressive piece of work: "Like the rest of the EP, Yellow was written in our container where we rehearse, a storage container we rent out and pretty much everything comes out of there. We bring riffs and melodies from home and put them in a melting pot. We had the verses and choruses really contrasting and just wanted a big, almost metal beatdown in the middle to come out of nowhere. The lyrics were influenced from a Christopher Hitchens story - I wanted to discuss my views on the impact of religion on society, and the consequences of playing ignorance to reality - 'the less I know…'"

False Heads are Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliot and Barney Nash. We'll be hearing much more from these guys in the months to come.

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