D//E Exclusive Premiere: Shredder 1984: Nemesis

Fresh off a hardening tour in the USA, Shredder 1984 is ready with his third LP in eighteen months, another fine and imposing amalgamation of extreme metal blastbeat and sci-fi themed synthwave.

The multifaceted French musician has so far shared the stage with some of the genre's most acclaimed acts, like Das Mortal, Street Cleaner and The Midnight, and Nemesis sounds like his most accomplished set of songs until now. The album carries a lot of of Shredder 1984's solidifying experiences, and showcases his evolution as an artist, bringing together the metal-infused heaviness with the darksynth melodiousness, in an overall irresistible, seamless blend.

Once again rooted in cyberpunk, Nemesis may be an entirely instrumental work, but its narrative is clearly outlined, magnificent and absorbing as any ageless story worth telling, full of drama, peripeteia, and a heroic viewpoint.

"Without your support for Shredder1984 the world will be handed over to Nemesis. The CyberKult will take all that is fun and creative: Music, gaming, art, film, illustration, words, we could go on."

Nemesis streams in its entirety for the first time ever right below. The album comes out on September 22nd, 2018 via Lazerdiscs Records.

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