Henry Nowhere: Good Thing

Following Problems of the Heart and Not Going Back, Henry Nowhere goes three for three with another fine bedroom pop piece off his upcoming EP. The artist champions Good Thing as his own favorite from the yet to be released Not Going Back EP, and he seems to be in the right, given the latest song's wistful and nostalgic character, and the very well constructed arrangement, coming with an easy listening approach that matches his reflective and introvert lo-fi style very fittingly.

"I wrote this song about my relationship with my girlfriend," Henry Nowhere explains."I experimented with putting a lot of acoustic instruments in the arrangement. I played flute, trombone and piano on this cut which I hadn't done on my other recordings. I have big soft spot for lush arrangements, be it impressionist composers, film scores, or classic jazz/pop arrangement. I have a fantasy of being a Duke Ellington or Henry Mancini type character."

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