Talking Violet: Sparjammer 67

Talking Violet formed in Windsor, Ontario two years ago as a two-piece acoustic act, but since then developed into a quartet with an ampler sound, fitting in great with the realm of dreampop and shoegaze.

A few months ago the band released their debut EP, Round Dreams, off which now comes a beautiful video for Sparjammer 67, a hazy, colorful, very melodious track, driven by jangly, reverberating guitars and featuring prominent, soft vocals, all of which result to an alluring, venturous fusion.

The song serves as an illustration for something that glows in darkness, like their hometown of Toronto did an evening when the band was wandering around Kensington Market, taking in the inspiration and rendering it into something utterly creative and promising.

Talking Violet are Jill Goyeau (vocals, guitar), Jay Turnbull (vocals, guitar), Nate Blackton (vocals, bass) and McKenzie Burrows (drums).

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