Swine Tax: Never Ending / Thorns

The ever-growing and always reliable Newcastle trio, Swine Tax, come forth with two pieces of new music which according to expectation exhibit more of the band's progression and maturity.

Never Ending is a full of existential qualities, guitar-driven indie rocking piece, "written from the perspective of someone who desperately wishes that one perfect moment in their life could last forever or take on some kind of transcendental significance." The song finds the band at their grungiest, most abrasive and expansive yet, suggestive of the zeal and lyricism of the early Dinosaur Jr. albums, faultlessly and rather impressively produced.

The briefer, more straightforward, and more British-colored, Thorns, is a subtly melancholic and esoteric number which deals with the pains of creativity, sounding like a fine mixture of power pop and punk, as if the effervescence of The Jam met with the lyrical sophistication of XTC.

Swine Tax are Vince Lisle (vocals, guitar), Tom Kelly (vocals, bass) and Charlie Radford (drums). They have an EP release show taking place at Think Tank? Newcastle on July 14th, 2018. Their next plans include a UK tour in autumn, and the recording of new music in October.

Photo by Chris Crowder

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