Suumhow: Carne

Suumhow is an enigmatic, experimental electronic duo from Brussels who offer their own unique style of glitchy, intricate IDM. The band's debut album, Crash_Reports, was just released on Oakland-based esteemed label, n5MD, who decided to bring back their original format, and release the album on MiniDisc!

Carne comes with an immersive visual accompaniment, also created by the duo, which enhances and elevates Suumhow's already sophisticated sound, and extends it into an audio/visual experience with a bigger impact than that of most of their better known peers.

On their debut Suumhow declare their "weakness for anything digitally corruptible," appearing confident while delivering something that sounds so imperfect and intriguingly flawed.

The MD is by this time sold out, but Crash_Reports is also available on CD and digital formats.


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