Chelsea Wolfe: The Culling // Video

During the recording of Hiss Spun, the album that topped our 2017 Albums of the Year list, Chelsea Wolfe filmed a video for one of the record's most sinister tracks, presenting the full-on post metal superiority and bleakness that made the entire album stand out.

Filmed in Salem, Massachusetts and inspired by the 1996 film, Romeo + Juliet, along with the work of artist Bill Crisafi, the incredible, dark video for The Culling was co-directed by Wolfe and Crisafi, portraying "the thin line between dreams, memories, and possession." The contribution of artist, Ashley Rose Couture who created the costume design from hair, tree bark, and other completely organic materials, factors in largely to the video's strong impact.

In the video, Wolfe plays takes on the roles of the possessed, the demon, and the necromancer overseeing it all.

Chelsea Wolfe is currently on tour in Europe and the UK alongside Ministry, Emma Ruth Rundle and Brutus, while a co-headlining tour with Russian Circles is coming up this Fall.

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