dot Vom: Arroyo Burro

San Francisco five-piece, dot Vom, have been around with their alluring dreampop sound and intricate song-crafting since 2013. Thenceforward the band survived reformations and changes in terms of style and lineup which got them to 2018 and the release of their firm new EP, Melatonin, recently out via Text Me Records.

Arroyo Burro, the record's opening number, demonstrates the band's sharp inclinations toward a more extensive sound which flirts with soul pop, surf and garage rock. Through their excellent songwriting which feels equally accessible and profound, as well as because of their skillful and unfeigned delivery, dot Vom's special brand of dreampop comes forth strong, candid and assuredly promising.

dot Vom are songwriter and vocalist Dany Ricci, bassist Katiana Mashikian, guitarists Beau Mathews and Zach Fahrney, and drummer Shahan Salim.

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