Modern Men: Solid Gold

Raw, concise and to the point, Solid Gold is a four-track EP by British newfound act, Modern Men, involving members of Rat The Magnificent, Hot Sauce Pony, Cheel Ghar, The Olmec Diagram, Brenda/The Feral Text, KLLR, Family Manderson and Sunshine Republic.

Through the EP's four tracks, and in its ten-minute entirety, Modern Men take their frantically executed noise rock sound to its heaviest and most intense, reaching the boundaries of post hardcore and extreme metal, and bringing to mind some of the greatest, genre-defying bands this style has even seen, like The Jesus Lizard and The Melvins, as well as the more exploratory, avant-garde, venturous sound of acts like Oxbow, and the edginess of Unsane.

From the straightforward opener, Maxxximum Cliffage, the EP's longest track, to the slow-burning conclusion of Fixxxing Punk, the EP unfolds as a mighty impressive debut, furious but focused, and bound to be played loud.

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