Them Are Us Too: Floor

Anyone would have suspected that Them Are Us Too had a great unfinished set of songs sitting on their shelves. Now that Amends has been completed and released in its entirety, a posthumous release for guitarist, Cash Askew, it is evident to see that the EP exceeds all expectations, and finds the duo's creativity at its best, its darkest, its most consistent and poetic.

Floor is by far the EP's centerpiece, an impressive highlight which transitions the band's vision from a hazier, more Cocteau Twins-like dreampop approach, to a throbbing fusion of post punk, new wave and menacing synthpop sounds. The beautiful noir video which comes with the song is directed by Leigh Violet (Visage Irregular).

If this had come out in the eighties, it could have easily been a classic goth club anthem.


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