Pardans: (Hookers with) Hidden Depths

One of the most impressive things to have ever been defined by the words "post punk" and "Denmark" is the music of Pardans, a trailblazing band from Copenhagen whose dauntless, jazz-infused style owes a lot to the No Wave scene of the late seventies, its cutting edge sound and avant-garde aesthetics, yet it is still presented with a forward thinking mindset. Apart from obvious choices such as their Danish peers, Iceage, Marching Church and Lower, the exploratory sound which Pardans have to offer is not easy to parallel in today's musical landscape.

Following their debut Heaven, Treason, Women from 2016, Pardans will be releasing their new album, Spit and Image, October 5th, 2018 by Tambourhinoceros.

Described in the words of vocalist, Gustav Berntsen: "Spit and Image revolves around dirty deeds and wishful thinking of adolescence. I think it contains some quite dramatic characters, some in and out of love, some of privilege, lacking integrity, some on the edge of moral decline appearing as depraved monsters overwhelmed by debauchery; some insecure about their skin, some learning about intimacy and trust, to love and respect by the guiding hand of a patient partner. Some are frustrated with the current state of our world making sail for a better place, leaving their peers behind. They hold their breath collectively, while some dance with rapture."

Half a year later than When Come the Rats, one more single off the coming LP has been unveiled, the ultra moody (Hookers with) Hidden Depths, in all its dark neo noir glumness, lifting as much influence from Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, as it does from Ornette Coleman and Captain Beefheart.

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