The Cabin Fever: The Brown Bunny

LA-based indie shoegazers, The Cabin Fever, follow their EP, Exercise The Demon which came out earlier in 2018, with a live in-studio performance video of a brand new song, a menacing and technically rather audacious piece that pulls equal amounts of inspiration from both historic events, and a tasteful work of art.

Lead vocalist, S. Moriarty, shares more detail about the band's new offering: "Inspired by the mysterious Heaven's Gate group from the 90's as well as the surrealistic film Enter the Void, we wanted to create an intimate and slightly voyeuristic feel for this live in-studio video of Moriarty's song, The Brown Bunny.  In order to accomplish this we created a cozy and warm-lit atmosphere inside the famed Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles with the purpose of bringing the viewer, as a close observer, into the experience of recording and playing this song."

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