Floating Room: Dog

Dog, the profoundly esoteric opener of Portland band Floating Room’s sophomore album, False Baptism, presents its narration from two perspectives: that of a dog who longs for freedom, and that of its master, who fears losing control.

Floating Room began as the bedroom recording project of Maya Stoner, and her partner Kyle Bates, but quickly evolved into a full band that includes Alec van Staveren on bass, and drummer Sonia Weber of goth rockers, Alien Boy, as well as an team of collaborators and live members. You may have also noticed its two main contributors working together on Bates' excellent project, Drowse.

Stoner's poignant writing uses a smart analogy to describe the harm and disadvantages of being inside a toxic relationship with accuracy and finesse. It sounds poetic and tuneful, and its heartbreaking quality emerges striking, and also like a superb display of the strengths of a capable fresh act which continues finding its character in the most artful and engaging way.

False Baptism releases June 22nd, 2018 on Good Cheer Records.

Photo credit: Lance Bangs

Good Cheer Records

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