Echo Ladies: Pink Noise

Early June 2018 marks the release of the long awaited debut album by Sweden's Echo Ladies, just out on Hybris. Pink Noise follows the band's brilliant self-titled EP and right away it emerges as one of the most fascinating albums the world of shoegaze has brought forth this year.

Pink Noise is a coming of age album, better put in the band's own words: "Being scared of growing up and standing on the border of adulthood without knowing what will happen. The feeling of nostalgia and hope for the future, but mixed with the worries and concerns about defining who you are and what you will become."

Channeling heroes of shoegaze and dreampop, such as Ride, Slowdive and The Cocteau Twins, the blissful dreaminess of the sound of Echo Ladies is enhanced by the sharp, skillful production of Joakim Lindberg, and throughout the album's eight tracks, it becomes clear as day that the energy is absolutely absorbing. The dreamlike vocals, the driven guitars, the reverb and distortion, the heavy synth textures, all factor in amply to the album's charm, and ultimately its doubtless success.

Echo Ladies are Matilda Bogren, Mattis Andersson and Joar Andersén.

Pink Noise on Spotify

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