Rat The Magnificent : Up The Street

The Body As Pleasure, the debut album by London post-punk band, Rat The Magnificent will be out on TTWD Records on June 21st, 2018, and Up The Street is the second single off it.

Another impressive representation of the band's noise rock excellence that follows in the same magnificent path (pun intended) with dear acts such as The Jesus Lizard, Oxbow, Shellac and Slint, and offered through a heavy blues lens, in less than three minutes the new single exhibits a great baseline of darkness, fervor and ability, and together with everything else the band has presented this far, insinuates that The Body As Pleasure is going to be a mighty impressive record.

For those still not convinced, some namedropping may do the trick. Rat The Magnificent are made up of members of Family Manderson, Sunshine Republic, KLLR, Hot Sauce Pony, Modern Men and Brenda. They have previously played with McLusky, IDLES and Adam Betts, and also, they have recorded with Steve Albini.

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