Orange Goblin: Sons Of Salem

We've been promised that the upcoming record by veteran British stoner rockers, Orange Goblin, is going to be the band's most diverse and powerful album. The Wolf Bites Back was recorded at Orgone Studios in Bedfordshire with super producer Jaime "Gomez" Arellano (Ghost, Grave Pleasures, Paradise Lost, Cathedral) and it is set for release on June 15th, 2018 via Candlelight Records.

Ben Ward, vocalist for OG, comments on the first single released off the upcoming album: "Sons of Salem is the first track on the album and we consider it an Orange Goblin anthem. We see this song being a staple of the live set with the singalong chorus and the awesome, catchy riff. A mean and moody intro to the album that sets the tone throughout, it's short, sweet and straight to the point. The lyrics are about the sons of the Salem witches returning from the grave to seek vengeance on the religious fools that murdered their mothers during the witch trials."

"Gomez has a very new, custom built studio in a really remote part of the English countryside so there are zero distractions and we were totally focused on the job at hand," Ward continues about the band's collaboration with the acclaimed producer. "We gave ourselves plenty of time so the vibe was relaxed and almost experimental. We were trying out new sounds and working with equipment and instruments that we may not have considered in the past. Gomez was like a fifth member of the band, constantly making useful suggestions. I think that the band's playing and songwriting on this album are the best they've ever been. It's a huge wall of sound and Gomez has recorded and mixed it perfectly."

The cover art was created by Serpent Venom guitarist, Roland Scriver and about it Ward adds, "We wanted something dark, menacing, striking and memorable all at once and we feel that Roland has certainly delivered that. We think it has the look of an iconic cover, one that you will recognize for years to come and one that perfectly represents the music on the record. The wolf is such an amazing beast. The wolf is predatory, vicious and a merciless hunter but at the same time so determined, smart, cunning and beautiful and the portrayal of the wolf about to strike on the cover is a great representation of the way we felt when writing this album."

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