D//E Video Premiere: The Bourgeois: Weekend at Bernie Mac's

Hailing from Tulsa, OK, The Bourgeois offer their own vigorous take on alternative rock and punk which very consistently swings between a more approachable sound to a sharp, menacing and absolutely domineering fresh voice.

After gaining a lot of attention through their successful online presence, the hyperproductive trio has put together a series of noteworthy releases, the latest of which is From the Darkest Corners of the Brightest Rooms, released earlier in 2018. The ten-song LP appears as the most realized and imposing batch the band has assembled this far. The playful, still, dangerous Weekend At Bernie Mac's is one of the album's heavier pieces, and it now comes with a gripping video which the band zealously describe with an analogy that is not easy to overlook: "American Psycho meets A Clockwork Orange."

"Severing ties can be pretty traumatic for all parties involved. Weekend at Bernie Mac’s was written at a time when I felt like I was picking up so much slack for someone else that I may as well have been propping up their dead corpse," Zach Mobley, vocalist and guitarist for The Bourgeois tells D//E.

The band's drummer, Ty Clark, who also directed the video, comments on his vision for it: "The hilarious title and overall intense attitude of the song had dark-comedy written all over it. I just wanted to visually capture the song's unforgiving chaotic nature and rhythm."

The Bourgeois is Zach Mobley (guitars, vocals), Ty Clark (drums) and Vance Young (bass). The video for Weekend at Bernie Mac’s premieres below.

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