Oddnesse: Trust

Delivering one excellent single after another with great consistency and sincerity, LA's Oddnesse come up with one more well constructed, fresh sounding and definitely notable pop piece. Trust, as much as everything else the upcoming band has delivered this far, deserves that kind of appreciation which could take Oddnesse to a level of mainstream success.

"The first four bars are for meditation. What follows is for your imaginary pleasure. A song is a frivolous way to collect your thoughts and experiences, but the results are pretty," Rebeca Arango says about her new song, and continues: "I’ve long been fascinated by belief and belonging. I’ve struggled with both from a young age.  Dozens of grey hairs later I still don’t “know” what I believe.  I’m at peace in a world with more questions you can’t answer than answers you can’t question. But after a lifetime of overthinking, I’ve found that optimism is the only sensible way to proceed."

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