Phosphenes: Where Forever Is

Drawing from the ambitious lyricism of post rock, as well as the colorfulness of dreampop, and thinking very highly of their influences which unmistakably include acts like Sigur Rós, GY!BE, Cocteau Twins and Beach House, German trio Phosphenes emerge strong through their wonderfully crafted early singles and videos, introducing and arousing anticipation for their upcoming debut full length, Find Us Where We’re Hiding, scheduled for release on May 25th.

The 11-minute long, Where Forever Is, presents the best of both worlds. It is basically a short film comprised of two songs from the coming album; the instrumental, People You Love Become Ghosts, and the more dreampop-oriented, Heaven Looks Alright.

The cinematic video comes with a profound poetic taste which characterizes the band as a desirous, genre mixing bunch, and places them among the ones to watch.

Photo by Guido Werner

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