Spirits Of Leo: Legacy

Founded in Santa Rosa, CA and currently based in Brooklyn, NY, post punk five-piece Spirits Of Leo have been floating under the radar for quite a while. The band has put out a series of releases through their Bandcamp page, and they're currently readying their new album, Equinox, scheduled to be released on March 23rd, 2018 through Lux Perpetua.

Spirits of Leo mention The Cure, The Chameleons and Red House Painters as their biggest influences and have previously covered songs by Joy Division and Fleetwood Mac, yet, the dark sound they have achieved on their new work is all theirs. Equinox was recorded on both coasts, self-produced and written over the course of four whole years. It finds the band in search for darker sounds and aesthetics, and represents their exploratory nature and need for change.

Legacy, the first single off the upcoming album, is founded on the darkness Spirits Of Leo carry on their elegant, revised sound, mingled with traces of nostalgia and underlying hopefulness that cut through to great effect, as something equally dismal and approachable.

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