Bucolic: Blue Tree

New Jersey musician Seth Carpenter will be following his superb debut EP, Rope's Wing, from last November with Glow Worm, another EP release which is scheduled to come out in March.

Blue Tree is an indie/lo-fi/dreampop stunner which introduces us to the upcoming EP and carries Bucolic's signature bittersweet melodiousness, strong lyricism and poetry.

With total dedication to his art, and through his bunch of demo and single releases, all of which preceded the EPs and are worth checking out over at his Bandcamp page, for a while now Bucolic has been building his esteem up to the point where it's unquestioned that we can put our trust in him as a songwriter and all around creator. Everything you hear is written, recorded and performed by him, and without doubt it has us enchanted and eager for more.

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