Roaming Herds of Buffalo: Winter Sun

Roaming Herds of Buffalo formed in Seattle in 2011 and the fact that they are already on their fifth full length confirms them as one of the most prolific DIY bands out there.

The band has been very methodical with each of their releases so far, with instrumentation and the techniques they've been using varying considerably from one album to the other. For instance while Alien Canyons from 2013 was more of an experimentation with layers of noisy texture to evoke distant worlds, the album that followed, 2015's Apocalypse Beach was the band's take on straightforward, jangly garage rock.

The Bugbears which was self-released last month is no exception to the band's approach. The album was recorded at Seattle's Hall of Justice studio by Aaron Schroeder (Wimps, Dude York, Chastity Belt) and finds Roaming Herds of Buffalo exploring a darker and heavier sound. Its intriguing concept follows the story of a lost boy in the woods, haunted and pursued by the evil Bugbear creature who terrorizes children in their dreams.

Roaming Herds of Buffalo consists of William Cremin (The Torn ACLs, The Environment), Jared Fiechtner (Stencil, Slathering Vastness), Joe Shultz (Oxide, BomberMan Awesome), Scott Roots and Neal Flaherty (both of Skeletons With Flesh On Them). The new album's artwork is courtesy of Adrian Dexter of the amazing stoner/doom metal band, Elder.


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